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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I absolutly loved this submission. I can tell you have put a rediculous amount of time, sweat, blood, and tears into this and I can assure you it was worth every second. It looks to me to be a perfect rendition of what being on a horrible trip would be like. We can all hope that this never happens to us. Only one thing; you mention in your explanation of the submission and in you "confused?" section at the end, that he makes, or attempts to make, some toast. I have watched this carefully 4 times and I have seen absolutly no toast. Is there actually toast and I'm just missing it? Anyway, overall, FANTASTIC SUBMISSION!

Sqeezy responds:

There's no toast, no. He couldn't get that task done.


Water out of the Toilet Water out of the Toilet

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude, screw everyone that says this suck, or that is sick. Fuck 'em right in their ears. This was fucking hilarious, well drawn, great voice acting, great informercial parody, and a very original concept! I give you a 10 and every thumb me and my dog have high in the air! Cudos, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

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cherrorist responds:

Thanks mate. I did this for kicks cuz I enjoyed it, and you people liking it adds a cool bonus to it. Ultimately, I don't give a shit about bad reviews, I wasn't trying to please the whole world. Plus a few made me lmao.

Burnt Face Man Burnt Face Man

Rated 4 / 5 stars

LOL That's great.

Take that! You bad shit gay face! Haha! That's so damn funny. Take that, Crime! You shit! Keep up the good work mate, cheers.